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MHC 250/Seminar 4: Shaping the Future of New York
Macaulay Honors College

Spring 2017
Thursdays: 5:30-8pm
Prof. Katherine St. John
Email: stjohn AT lehman cuny edu & Office Hours
IT Fellow: Kevin Ambrose
Email: kevind.ambrose AT macaulay.cuny.edu


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Date:          Topics: Handouts: Reading: Classwork: HW/Project:
2 February
Course Goals & Overview;
Tech Skills: matplotlib overview & CSV files
Classwork: Plotting NYC Population Growth;
Demographics & Census Data
matplotlib overview,
Census Tract Finder
Academic Integrity Policy,
Population Demographics (Nature), Demographics Overview (JSTOR), Labor Demographics, OneNYC Plan, Mayor's Housing Efforts
Plotting recipes & CSV Files, nycRawTotals.py, statesSummary.csv, simple CSV example & data HW #1: My Neighborhood

9 February
16 February
Discussion: Neighborhood overviews; Housing & OneNYC; Where should new housing be?
Tech Skills: lists, tuples, & dictionaries;
Classwork: tabulating parking tickets (dictionaries);
Recap: OneNYC & Cooper-Hewitt Museum-- out-of-class trip
two scales, lists vs. tuples, Dictionary examples,
Historic Census Tract Data
By the People at Cooper-Hewitt
Parking Supply (ScienceDirect), Legally Parked, Deliveries & Parking, Cost of Parking Policies (JSTOR) Binning Parking Data: NYC OpenData & Dictionaries HW #2: Comparison Neighborhoods, Parking
23 February
Discussion: Neighborhood parking results; Should new housing require parking?
Correlation, Regression
Tech Skills: Python review, pandas & seaborn
Classwork: Parking Recommendations, Getting started with github, linear regression with pandas and seaborn
github for beginners, github Hello World, github student pack, github cheat sheet;
regression overview,
pandas cookbook, general cheat sheet, pandas cheat sheet
NYC Population Predictions, Two Planners: Jacobs & Moses, Jane Jacobs, Walkable City, walk scores correlation & regression (pandas & seaborn); github; parking recommendations
HW #3: Binning 311 Data & By Design Exhibit
2 March
Discussion: Best Ideas from "By the People: Designing a Better America"; Which would work in NYC?
Tech Skills: Geographical maps, Data formats: ERSI's shapefiles, JSON, KML;
Classwork: Metrics for comparing neighborhoods; Plotting GIS data
DNA Info's rankings, Brick Underground, BuzzFeed, NY Magazine
Effects of Neighborhood Demographics Shifts (JSTOR), Migration in NYC (JSTOR) comparing neighborhoods; plotting points with folium HW #4: Comparing Neighborhoods; Mapping GIS Data
9 March
Discussion: Comparing neighborhood change; What affects population growth?
Tech Skills: More on map formats: shapefiles, JSON, KML; choropleth maps
Classwork: geoJSON for GIS data; Quantifying neighborhood changes
Limits to growth
JSON, geoJSON, KML, summary & comparison, gdal conversion tools Limits of Growth, Run Out of Room, NYC Density, NYC Housing Growth, geoJSON for GIS data; limits to growth HW #5: geoJSON; Limits to Growth

Project: Topics Preference
16 March
Discussion: Geographic & Resource Limits
Tech Skills: choropleth maps
Classwork: Project Teams
Data as Vectors
choropleth maps in folium, US Zoning, Zoning Today, NYC Zoning Districts, Zoning Explained, Accessory Apartments choropleth maps;
project teams
HW #6: Choropleth maps; Zoning
23 March
Discussion: Zoning & Limits to Growth
Tech Skills: Series in pandas & github pages
Classwork: Maps & yimby
Transit & Commuting
Gotham zoning, yimby, Not-So-Simple Compute, Gender Gap in Commuting zoning, github & projects HW #7: Transit; Github Site

Project: Proposal
30 March
Discussion: How has transit shaped the your neighborhood? The city?
Tech Skills: Working with Multi-dimensional Data
Classwork: More on Pandas
Density & Neighborhoods
Trulia Distances Job Proximity, Job Access by Income, Price of Trimming of Commutes More on pandas & zoning; project timeline HW #8: Time as Distance

Project: Timeline
6 April
Discussion: Time as Distance
Tech Skills: Voronoi Diagrams
Classwork: Mapping Zoning versus Density Boundaries & Divides;
Project Check-in
nearest airport, precincts' Voronoi diagram, Voronoi diagrams from triagulations, scipy Voronoi module
Laurence-- Urban Design, NYC's Urban Design Principles, NYC Planning Initiatives, Shoup: cost of parking 2nd Avenue Subway Proposed Stations, Current Subway Map
More on geoJSON; Voronoi diagrams
Project Check-in (informal presentations)
HW #9: Voronoi Diagrams; Density

(Snow Day Make-up)
Discussion: Density & New Housing
Tech Skills: finding patterns in data
Classwork: regular expressions, scraping webpages & beautifulSoup;
Mobility & Distance
regex cheat sheet, beautifulSoup, soup documentation, where's beautifulSoup?, Frances Zlotnick's tutorial, DOM tutorial,
Income Gap Map
Low Income Housing, Wealth Divides, Equality Indicators regex, on-line discussions and group work HW #10: Regex; Inequality

13 April
Spring Recess: No Classes

20 April
No Class: CUNY Follows Monday Schedule
27 April
Discussion: Designing a More Equitable NYC
Tech Skills: Principal Components Analysis (PCA) and Multidimensional Scaling (MDS)
Classwork: PCA and scipy
PCA, explained visually, scipy, sklearn's PCA, pca on iris dataset, scipy lecture notes on arrays,
scikit's MDS, Noel O'Boyle's map example, Zachary Nichols' NYC scaled to commute time and part 2
PCA in practice; Presentations Project: Draft Presentations due
4 May
Class Presentations (meet in Lecture Hall)
5/6 May
Model City Council Presentations
11 May
Discussion: Presentation Recap
Machine Learning Overview: Modeling, Overfitting, Feature Extraction & Selection
Tech Skills: SVMs & Nearest Neighbors
sklearn ML introduction, SVM intro, sklearn svm, face recognition, sklearn ML intro, sklearn ML advanced, Manifold Learning Comparison, Digits Example, Thomas Wiecki's modern guide to data science,
SVM on Digits, K-Nearest Neighbors (small typo-- see comments at end), K-Means Clustering
18 May
Designing Maps MHC Alum & Coworkers on Designing Maps
(Location: MHC)
final classwork Complete Project

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