Classwork: zoning & github

MHC 250/Seminar 4:
Shaping the Future of New York City
Spring 2017


Using the Gotham Zoning site, answer the following:

Zoning Districts

In addition to the general classifications of "Residential", "Commercial", and "Manufacturing", there are more specific districts: Answer the following:

Github Webpages

As part of this week's homework, you need to create a github page for your neighborhood.
  1. If you haven't done so already, set up a repository for your neighborhood project (see the getting started tutorials from Classwork 3 on how to set up a repository).
  2. Follow through the options for setting up a page for your project (right under the "Ready to get started?).

    More details from github: on writing and formatting and the markdown language.

  3. Start including the pieces for this weeks' homework in your neighborhood page:
    • the name of the neighborhood,
    • the outline of the neighborhood (the .json file you created in the previous classwork for Homework 5),
    • the basic demographics & statistics from the Homework 1,
    • the top ten for parking tickets (by licence plate) from Homework 2,
    • the biggest 311 complaints from Homework 3,
    • the map of where 311 complaints occurred from Homework 4.

Side note: If you're interested in using github to host your own website, here are some useful tutorials:

Project Teams

The project proposal is due next week. Your proposal should include: