Homework #1

MHC 250/Seminar 4:
Shaping the Future of New York City
Spring 2017

Topics: Neighborhoods; Simple plots using matplotlib
Deadline: Wednesday, 8 February 2017, 11:59pm

Getting Started with matplotlib

This homework uses matplotlib which is available with anaconda or visit matplotlib (we're using Python 3).

If you would prefer not to upgrade your Python installation (or would like to work through a browswer), there are several web-based services. One that already has the libraries were are using is PythonAnywhere.

NYC Open Data

Via the NYC Open Data project, you can access data from almost every city agency. We will use the following data set:

We will use this data set for later homework assignments. Since scraping the data takes time, save this to use again for the future programs.

NY Fed Data

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York provides economical and financial data about the greater New York Region. We will use the following data set:


Submitting Homework

To submit your homework, log on to the Blackboard system, and go to "Homework". For each part of the homework, there is a separate input box. You may submit the homework as many times as you would like before the deadline.