Homework #2

MHC 250/Seminar 4:
Shaping the Future of New York City
Spring 2017

Topics: Parking in Neighborhoods; More matplotlib plots
Deadline: Wednesday, 15 February 2017, 11:59pm Wednesday, 22 February 2017, 11:59pm (postponed due to snow day)

Parking Tickets in Your Neighborhood

Via the NYC Open Data project, you can access data from almost every city agency. We will use the parking ticket data set. Since it is quite large, even for a single year, we will focus on your neighborhood.

CSV Data Files

CSV files store tabular information in readable text files. The files downloaded above have information separated by commas (using tabs as delimiters is also common). Here is a sample line:
1335632335,L040HZ,FL,PAS,06/09/2015,46,SUBN,NISSA,X,35430,14510,15710,0,0020,20,74,921167,E074,0000,1213P,1207P,NY,O,4,WEST 83 ST,,0,408,C,,BBBBBBB,ALL,ALL,RED,0,0,-,0,,,,,

All lines are formatted similarly: they start with the summons number, then the license plate, registration state, plate Type, date, and continue with the information about the location and type of violation, and sometimes additional information such as the who issued the ticket and the color of the car. The first line of the file gives the entries in the order they occur in the rows.

The sample entry above gives details for a ticket issues on June 9, 2015 to a passenger car with Florida plates, L040HZ. The red Nissan SUV received the ticket on West 83rd Street. Each entry also begins with a unique identifier that can be used to look up the parking ticket.


Submitting Homework

To submit your homework, log on to the Blackboard system, and go to "Homework". For each part of the homework, there is a separate input box. You may submit the homework as many times as you would like before the deadline.