General Information

Revised Information for the FINAL EXAM

New Location:

The our exam has been moved to:

9-11am, Monday, 16 December
The Kaye Playhouse

The easiest way to reach the Kaye Playhouse is to enter Hunter North building from 68th Street. The entrance to the building has been under construction and reopened last week:

While the exam starts at 9am, arrive by 8:30am, to allow time to find the Playhouse, check your bag & electronics, check-in with your ID, and to be assigned a seat.

When You Arrive:

After you enter the lobby:

  1. Check your bag, coat, & electronics: There is limited space in the Kaye Playhouse-- no bags, coats, electronics, food or drink are allowed inside. Place all electronics inside your bag (or if you don't have a bag with you, ask the proctor for an envelope).
    We have sets of stickers printed with unique numbers:

    The proctor will put a sticker on your bag, a sticker on your coat, and a sticker for you. That sticker is needed to reclaim your bags-- place on yourself so you will have it to claim your checked items.
  2. Check-in with your ID (alphabetically by first name): Have your ID ready for the proctor to check. The roster is divided into 5 separate clipboards, alphabetically by first name, to make the lines go faster.
  3. Enter Playhouse to be assigned seat: When you enter, proctors will direct you to your seat.

During the Exam:

Due to the limited space in the theater, the exam rules have been updated:

After the Exam:

Exam Rules for MOCK EXAM

How to Prepare