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Student Research

REU, 2015-2016

Brookhaven, 2010

Alan, Jinnie, & Kaitlin, 2009

UBM, 2004

ECCB, 2003

InfoVis, 2002

I regularly mentor both undergraduate and graduate students (and occasionally high school students) for research projects. See my research page for recent research grants and publications.

Prospective Doctoral Students

Admissions to the doctoral program are handled centrally by the Graduate Center, and you should contact them directly. While I would be happy to discuss the merits of the programs there, the admissions committee makes all decisions.

Prospective Undergraduate and Masters Students

Almost all of my research is collaborative and is approachable by students with strong analytical skills. The projects require the ability to program well, strong proof skills, or a strong background in phylogenetics. In addition, students work in teams of two or three and must have good written and oral communication skills. Students with the following are most likely to succeed:

Expectations: Funding is available for 5-10 hours a week via grant funding and via the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation in Research (LSAMP) for those who qualify.