At every recitation, there will be an in-class quiz on the lecture notes, reading, submitted programs, and laboratory exercises.

Using Blackboard

This course will use the on-line Blackboard system for in-class quizzes and posting grades. Blackboard should be accessible through your CUNY First account (see Hunter ICIT Blackboard page for directions on using the system and how to get help).


As the name suggests, in-class quizzes must be taken in-class. If you miss your assigned recitation, you may take a quiz during another section before the deadline, subject to availability and instructor's permission. As the semester progresses, quizzes focus on the topics below and include one or two review questions.

 Quiz:  Deadline:  Topics:  Type:
#1Thursday, 1 February Academic Integrity Policy (certify that you have read and understood it) and
a short survey (reasons for taking course, etc.).
On-line (Blackboard)
#2Thursday, 8 February Turtles and loops in Python,
Programs 1-5
On-line (Blackboard)
#3Tuesday, 20 February Strings and loops,
Programs 6-10
#4Tuesday, 27 February Colors and images in numpy,
Programs 11-15
On-line (Blackboard)
#5Tuesday, 6 March Decisions, hex codes for color,
Programs 16-20
#6Tuesday, 13 March Truth tables, logical expressions and circuits,
Programs 21-25
On-line (Blackboard)
#7Tuesday, 20 March Accessing formatted data (using Pandas), Unix shell commands,
Programs 26-30
#8Tuesday, 27 March
Wednesday, 28 March
Introducing functions (main()), More on Pandas,
Programs 31-35
On-line (Blackboard)
#9Tuesday, 10 April Parameters & Functions,
Programs 36-40
#10Wednesday, 18 April More on Functions & Top-down Design,
Programs 41-45
On-line (Blackboard)
#11Wednesday, 25 April Indefinite Loops & Simulations,
Programs 46-48
#12Wednesday, 2 May Simplified Machine Language,
Programs 49-52
On-line (Blackboard)
#13Wednesday, 9 May Simple C++ Programs,
Programs 53-56
#14Wednesday, 16 May End-of-semester survey On-line (Blackboard)