RGGS 670: Algoritmic Approaches to Biological Data

Spring 2016

Course Description:


Evaluations Basis:

The 120 hours of supplementary assignments will be:

Final Exam/Project Description:

The final project will employ the computational tools used in the course to analyze a data set of the student's choosing (preferably one related to the student's doctoral thesis). To make sure the scope of the project is reasonable, a short abstract and tools overview will be required in Week 8 of the course. By week 9, a checklist of activities will be submitted, there will be periodic updates at Weeks 11 and 13 to check progress and adjust activities if needed. The final project, including all programs and a written analysis, is due the last day of class.

Statement on Academic Integrity:

Each graduate student bears the responsibility to observe traditional canons of scholarly discourse, scientific research, and academic honesty. Plagiarism, cheating, and fraud in research will not be tolerated. Accordingly it is expected that students work individually unless specifically instructed to work in groups. The full Academic Integrity policy is in the student handbook

Course Evaluations:

Each student is required to complete an anonymous course evaluation at the end of the term. The course evaluation is a tool for faculty and administrators to improve the student learning experience.