Quiz 1

CMP 761: Analysis of Algorithms
Lehman College, City University of New York
Spring 2002

The start date for this quiz is Thursday, 12 September.
The due date for this quiz is 8pm, Thursday, 24 September.

Topics: The purpose of the first quiz is to make sure you can access the Blackboard system and successfully submit a quiz. Future quizzes will focus on topics from the textbook and lecture.

Using Blackboard

There will be regular quizzes using the on-line system Blackboard. In general, to use the Lehman College Blackboard Server, you must have an alpha account, available free to all Lehman students from the Computer Center. To use the Blackboard system for this course, you must be enrolled in the course. A login name and default password are generated for each enrolled student. These should be available during the first week of class from the Academic Computer Center.

Logging In

Once you have your login, access the Blackboard server at: http://blackboard.lehman.cuny.edu Click the Login button, type your username, press Tab (not Enter), type your password, and click OK. You may have to repeat this process the first time you access Blackboard.

You should change your password regularly. To change your password, choose the "Personal Information" menu from the left hand side of the Blackboard window, and then choose "Change Password."

Taking Quizzes

Every quiz has a starting time (usually Tuesday) and a deadline (usually Thursday before class). You must complete the quiz in that time period. All quizzes are timed.

You have the option of taking the quizzes on paper, from 5:30 to 5:50 on the day the quiz is due. If you choose the paper option, you must give 48 hours notice so that a copy of the quiz is printed for you. The on-line and paper quizzes are different but will cover the same material.

Academic Intregrity

Quizzes are open book and open notes, but you may not accept help from others while taking your quiz. All work must be your own. See Academic Policy of the bulletin for more details.